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Prahran Football Netball Club (PFNC)  is a Community Netball Club playing in the Stonnington City Netball Association (SCNA) competition.

We welcome players from across the City of Stonnington to play netball and develop their skills in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. 

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Passionate Community Participation

The Prahran Football Netball Club Mission

Our mission at Prahran Football Netball Club is to foster a supportive and inclusive community that promotes the development of individuals both on and off the field. 

We strive to create a positive environment where players can grow their skills, build lasting relationships, and embrace the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance. Through our dedication to excellence, we aim to inspire a love for the game and empower our members to reach their full potential. Together, we are committed to creating a legacy of success, unity, and pride within the Prahran community.

Volunteer at PFNC

The Prahran Football Netball Club Committee is a group of committed volunteers, dedicated to making Prahran Netball a safe, fun and inclusive place for everyone to enjoy the game.

Our Club is run thanks to these dedicated volunteers and we are always looking for more parents, family members and friends to volunteer in various positions within the Club.

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